• Tested on VisionFive2 boards w/ "Headless" IoT profile. Expanding coverage to "Headed" IoT profile.
  • It will require .NET support to cover general "Consumer Electronics"
  • Samsung will test w/ an actual RISC-V based CE SoC and actual product next year, which will be a test basis for a few RISC-V extensions, too. (23'12: Started.)
  • Mostly working on unpopular open source packages (packages interested by Tizen only, usually components for consumer electronics, or .NET libraries)

Reference Board for Testing

  • 2023: VisionFive2
  • 2024: A new board with a RISC-V chip with more extension supports and various HW IPs.

Package or FeatureLinkUrgencyImpactStatus
.NET Runtime (port)RISE  /  LR_04_001: Port .NET Runtime to RISC-V
(functionally: ready / performance optimization: in progress)
HighHigh (Critical)

Tizen Compliance Test Passed. (.NET Apps Working)

Bringing up a full HW product for testing.

Optimization (AOTC, RVV, General runtime latency) planned (to be compilted in 25')

binutilsRISE /  CT_00_006 -- Zfa Support (GCC) (completed)MidHighWaiting

Chromium build requires.
RISE-Toolchain*TODO (link!)HighHighToolchain Release from RISE (like "Linaro Toolchain")
FFMPEG / Performance Issue*TODO (link to the contractor proposal)LowMid (performance impact)Waiting

FFMPEG RISC-V port has incomplete memory alignment.
This deteriorates the performance.
GStreamer / Performance Issue*TODO (link to the contractor proposal)Low

(performance impact)

RVV support required (GStreamer/ORC)

Linux Kernel / Ethernet Rx ThroughputUpstreamedRESOLVEDRESOLVEDFixed by Linux 6.1.
Linux Kernel HDMI bug (RISC-V code regression)UpstreamedRESOLVEDRESOLVEDFixed by Linux 6.1.
OpenGL (mesa)GPU Driver (DDK) of StarFive didn't work. Resolved by porting it to recent (6.1) versions from 5.15.RESOLVEDRESOLVEDFixed
iotivityhttps://review.tizen.org/gerrit/#/c/platform/upstream/iotivity/+/295302/RESOLVEDRESOLVEDFix applied (2023-07-05). Expected to be upstreamed.
libjpeg-turboProject RP003 libjpeg-turboLowLowapp performance

To be triaged

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