A RISE Work Group focuses on a specific category of interest. WGs are formed by the RISE TSC and are responsible for:

  • Coming up with projects to propose to the Board for investment.
  • Managing proposed project requirements, timelines, and where appropriate project plan.
  • For net-new project investments (not contributions to existing projects upstream), leading the project execution.

See the Ways of Working document on how a WG operates.

Work Group Mailing Lists

Everything is done through https://groups.io/groups. In fact, you can even read and post message through the web interface if you don't want to see it in your regular inbox.

Check your spam folder if you don't see messages.

WG mailing lists are meant to help coordinate the WG's operation without polluting the main RISE TSC list. Usual topics are RISE project prioritization, RISE project scoping, tracking and long term planning. The lists are not meant specifically as an additional place for technical discussions, where these would duplicating existing resources available to upstream projects.

Participation is limited to RISE members.

Work Group Meetings

Meetings and their cadence is at the discretion of each Work Group and its lead. Check the individual WG page for more info.

Also see TSC Meetings for some helpful info on getting access to recordings, resending invites, etc.

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