Weekly Meetings

See TSC Weekly Meeting Slides folder and meeting notes.

Every meeting gets its own slide deck (e.g. [RISE] TSC Meeting Agenda 06/01/2023). The slide deck for each meeting is created a week before the call (in fact, shortly after the previous call!). Anyone can thus update the slide deck throughout the week.

Every TSC meeting is recorded and we follow LF code of conduct and antitrust policies.

Usually the slides include a weekly RISE Work Groups update. Here are some helpful hints when adding slides:

  • Highlight the aspects you’d like others to take note – consider folks looking at the deck in a week or so, what would you want them to remember?
  • Don’t go into excruciating detail if you’re there in the call. If you are making an update for a meeting you aren't attending, do add all the details you would have liked to share in person (even if it means adding more slides ).

Board Updates

See TSC Org Update Slides (to the Board).

Missing Invites

Login to https://openprofile.dev/my-calendar.

If you have been added to a meeting, you should see this listed. If this is a non-recurring meeting, you'll have to click on Non-Recurring Meetings. E.g.:

You can then click Resend Invite. Check your spam folder if you still don't see it.

If you don't see a meeting, reach out to the LF Product Manager (listed on the RISE Technical Steering Committee page).

Getting Recordings

Login to https://openprofile.dev/my-calendar.

Now click on Past Meetings.

Click the blue recording and transcript icons to get the video and audio transcription, respectively.

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