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The RISE Technical Steering Committee (TSC) consists of RISE member company representatives. The TSC defines and maintains the RISE project roadmap and priorities, including:

  • The process for project prioritization and roadmap planning
  • The process for acceptance or rejection of contributions
  • The procedures for submission, approval and closure/archival of projects.
  • Electing of TSC chairs and co-chairs, subject to the approval of the RISE Board.
  • Coordinating project technical direction.
  • Appointing representatives to work with other open source or standards communities.
  • Creating sub-committees or working groups to focus on cross-project technical issues or opportunities.
  • Technical matters relative to the prioritization of technical projects.
  • Determining whether individual RISE members have met the requirements w.r.t designated engineering resources.
  • Making recommendations to the RISE Board on allocation of funds to third party contributors.



Nathan Egge (Google)

Co-ChairKumar Sankaran  (Ventana)
Co-ChairAndrew de los Reyes  (Rivos)
Program ManagerMichelle Martineau  (Linux Foundation)
Program Manager

Evan Harrison (Linux Foundation)

The TSC has created a number of Work Groups (WGs) to efficiently scale across different technical project categories. 

TSC Mailing List

RISE TSC representatives all have access to the RISE TSC Mailing List. WG leads also have access to the RISE TSC Mailing List.

Everything is done through In fact, you can even read and post message through the web interface if you don't want to see it in your regular inbox.

Check your spam folder if you don't see messages.



For most updates, see TSC Decisions and TSC Decisions. Only updates that don't fit elsewhere will go here.

No meeting on June 8th

Due to the RVI Barcelona Summit, we'll cancel the June 8th meeting. 

WGs continue to:

  • Scope out projects in Confluence
    • Clear definition of work being done
    • Timelines
    • Components, repositories, stakeholders
    • Measure of success
    • Requirements from RISE (if any)
  • Adopt the spreadsheet for at-a-glance overview of priorities/status
  • Translate to 2H23+Priorities (and similar) for Board consumption.
  • Continue identifying projects to choose (look out for 1H24)
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