Based on TSC Meeting Notes.

Movement of project spreadsheet from Google Drive to Wiki

The per-WG spreadsheets are used to track project submissions. This is where projects are selected from by the WG and its lead. Today this is on Google Drive, but this means external parties can't see the "full set" of potential projects that RISE is aware of, only the ones picked in the current reporting period.

The TSC has now decided these should be moved to the Wiki, which gives them RO public visibility as desired. Kumar Sankaran Michelle Martineau 

Developer Infrastructure WG created

Working group established.  Subscribe mailing list here; The Wiki page for this group has also been created and can be contributed to Here.

Updates to weekly TSC agenda

In order to help form vibrant and functional Work Groups, the TSC unanimously agreed that every TSC meeting should include a 'deep dive' into a particular WG category. Extending beyond mere status updates, this provides a mechanism for joint scoping exercises, discussion of pressing topics, and review of Confluence materials.

Unless otherwise noted in a meeting agenda, the WG order follows the order in the table on the RISE Work Groups page.

WG updates to the TSC

Today, WG updates are done as slides for the weekly TSC call. The TSC has approved the following change:

  • The Wiki is the primary medium for updates. Each WG has an updates section on their main landing page.
  • The default slide deck for each WG can contain the wiki link for the WG. If the lead thinks that the update in the wiki is too dense to cover in the call then the lead can provide a summary in the slide

Wiki going public

This was a TSC proposal to the Board, which the Board confirmed:

  • RISE Confluence will go from private to read-only to the general public.
  • Mailing lists, Zoom calls and other modes of communication will remain private.

Interim Debug and Profiling WG lead

  • Fei Wu (Intel) confirmed as the WG lead. Fei is currently working on RVV support in Valgrind and Qemu and has experience in perf and Linux kernel.
  • Distro and Integration WG refocused to issues common to all distros, instead of focusing on improving RV support in any one specific distro.
  • Don't focus on legacy RVV.

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