QEMU and SPIKE projects.



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  • Second monthly meeting happened in 07 Jun 2023
    • Governance guidelines covered
    • Went through priority items status

  • Added in each wiki page project the following fields:
    • Project Scope and Timelines

    • Components and Repos

    • Stakeholders and Partners

    • Measure of Success

    • RISE Requirements

  • Sent emails for each contact asking for updates in their respective wiki pages

  • Added new wiki pages for the following QEMU projects:
    • SE_01_001 - QEMU linux-user riscv_hwprobe syscall support
    • SE_01_002 - QEMU Virtual IRQ and IRQ filtering support
    • SE_01_003 - QEMU WorldGuard support
    • SE_01_005 - QEMU PCIe passthru on x86 hosts
    • SE_02_001 - QEMU Vector crypto support
  • Added a new "Simulator/Emulator 2023 Priorities" wiki page
  • Removed some projects from the tracking spreadsheet:
    • QEMU AIA support enhancements - clone of Kernel project LK_03_007 (QEMU-KVM AIA in-kernel irqchip)

    • QEMU Vector Support, contact Frank Chang (SiFive) - generic description
    • QEMU Vector Support, contact Yunhai (Alibaba) - generic description

  • First monthly meeting happened in 07 Jun 2023
    • Governance guidelines covered. Some ideas/suggestions
    • Ideas such as deprecating the Google Document nd adding a 'target release' to the spreadsheet were discussed but not implemented - TSC board approval is required
  • New projects added:
    • SE_03_001 - Remove prematurely merged non-standards from QEMU - ETA 2024
      • Contact: Paul Walmsley (SiFive)
    • SE_01_009 - QEMU riscv_hwprobe syscal support - ETA 3Q 2023
      • Contact: Robbin Ehn (Rivos)

Working Group Meetings

First Simulator/Emulator Working Group Meeting

  • Slides:


  • Meeting notes:
    • The Working Group is intended to foster collaboration between all RISE members and the respective QEMU/Spike communities
    • Technical discussions are welcome within the WG but discussions in the upstream lists are encouraged and preferable
    • There is no owner of the tracking spreadsheet - all members are welcome to keep it updated
    • Several discussions about overall WG aspects - removal/deprecation of the Google Document, add a new 'target release' column in the spreadsheet
      • These items should be discussed with other WGs to reach consensus

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