The firmware WG includes, but is not limited to, projects for TianoCore UEFI, U-Boot, Coreboot, TF-M, etc.


UEFI Stakeholders

The TianoCore mailing list (devel@edk2.groups.io) is not really a place for discussions - it's a place to get code reviewed and approved for merging. Use https://groups.google.com/a/riscv.org/g/fw-exchange for technical collaborations (TBD: need to figure out how to promote this).

China UEFI on RISC-V working group (https://news.sciencenet.cn/htmlnews/2023/3/496231.shtm). The "bridge contact" is Yong Li (Intel). There's no mailing list as the group relies on WeChat.

Project Wiki Links


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