• GCC
    • Autovectorization
      • Wire up the basics
      • identify key problems with VLA style autovec – these turn until future work items
    • Distro Blocker Items (atomics now, stack-clash at some point, then shadow stacks)
    • Wrapping up many in-flight optimizations from various RISE members and others
      • Work landing in the trunk during Q2/Q3 of 2023 won't show up in official release until Q2 2024!
      • Provide collaboration branch for various organizations that need a stable base (ie gcc-13) with optimization work such as autovec layered on top
      • Major work for gcc-14 needs to be complete by mid Oct – avoid a repeat of having key feature work going on during release cycle
  • LLVM
    • Autovectorization
      • Basics already in place
      • More a focus on identifying and fixing missed vectorizations and VLA style vectorization
    • Distro Blocker Items (atomics, shadow stacks, perhaps stack clash at some point


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