Both building and certifying is quite the undertaking since it require both infrastructure and engineering time.

Collaborating via Adoptium saves everyone resources (no need for everyone to run the TCK to certify). Alibaba and Rivos are also already contributing members to Adoptium.

Project Scope and Timelines

It's a continuous investment. Each new release must 1. be built correctly, 2. tested and 3. certified for all architectures (RISC-V in our case).

Components and Repos


Stakeholders and Partners

Ludovic Henry 


It would depend on the availability of hardware for a build and test infrastructure.

Measure of Success

The continuous delivery of Java SE for RISC-V.

RISE Requirements

A build farm.

Status Updates




Upstream version

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  1. RISE doesn't provide a "build farm" by itself, so as a RISE Requirement that's not actionable. But there is a project getting spun up in the Kernel and Virtualization WG to fund a build farm...and at the last TSC meeting we pointed out that such a build farm would have wide uses across all WGs.