RISE's goal is to advance RISC-V enablement across a wide area of project categories. RISE allows for collaboration between participant companies in a way that is not possible via upstream project mailing lists, including, but not limited to:

  • shared long term planning, leading to deduplication of efforts/investments
  • funding and staffing of gaps (either using RISE-dedicated resources or farming out to contractors/ISVs via SOW)
  • dealing with cross-project dependencies (e.g. prioritizing a kernel change to unblock another priority in user space or toolchain)

Much how RISE solves logistics and efficiency issues for its members, RISE aims to be complementary to the upstream projects, not adversarial. Each working group (WG) build bridges to the relevant communities, including external task groups. RISE is transparent about its goals, and should be seen by upstream projects as a good resource to help solve pressing RISC-V enablement challenges.

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