The RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) project is a collaborative effort led by industry leaders with a mission to accelerate the development of open source software for the RISC-V architecture.

The RISE Project is focused on commercial software readiness in close partnership with RISC-V International to expedite delivery of more innovative RISC-V products into the market. The target market segments include mobile, consumer electronics, datacenter, and automotive.


  • Accelerate the development of open source software for RISC-V
  • Raise the quality of RISC-V Platform implementations
  • Push the RISC-V Software ecosystem forward and align ecosystem partners’ efforts.

RISE is dedicated to enabling a robust software ecosystem specifically for application processors that includes compilers, toolchains, system libraries, kernel, virtualization, programming languages, Linux distribution integration, firmware, simulators and tools for debug and profiling.


  • Andes Technology
  • Google
  • Imagination
  • Intel
  • Mediatek
  • Nvidia
  • Qualcomm
  • Red Hat
  • Rivos
  • Samsung
  • SiFive
  • T-Head (Alibaba)
  • Ventana
  • Microchip
  • Akeana
  • Canonical
  • Bosc
  • SpacemiT (Hangzhou) Technology Co.Ltd 
  • Tenstorrent
  • Bytedance
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  1. Hi Andrei Warkentin, I wonder if the last members list name could be a typo: is it really "Bosc" or did you mean "Bosch" maybe?

  2. Hi Uwe, thanks for the question! That member is actually BOSC (, the Beijing Open Source Chip Research Institute.