The RISE Developer Infrastructure WG is in the process of setting up a build and simulator test farm for key open-source software components that run on RISC-V.
Currently the build farm is running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), where the projects have a set of virtual machines for disposal.

Active Projects

Past Projects


  • PoC Github Runners on GKE
  • Add Terraform scripts for automating tasks (add/remove projects, add/remove VMs, add/remove Runners, ...)


19 December 2023

  • Added OpenJDK project
  • Added GCC CI VM
  • Added GKE PoC document

26 October 2023

  • The overall build farm is transitioning from experimental into operational status; this is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.
    • The Linux kernel pre-commit build farm has been serving the community since early September 2023
    • The gcc build system is currently under development.

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