• Build & test farm set up by Microsoft (Azure) and Samsung along with RV64 devices. (DONE)
  • RISC-V (RV64) codegen bring-up: runtime unit tests passed. (DONE)
  • RISC-V (RV64) JIT compiler bring-up (DONE)
  • RISC-V CoreFX bring-up (DONE)
  • RISC-V Crossgen (AOT compiler) support: (In Progress. ==> 2024)
  • Known issues to be fixed
    • GC stability: DONE
    • Profiler support: DONE
    • Debugger support: DONE


  • RISC-V extension support (Vector, Crypto) and optimization (GC, stubs), ready for commercial products  (In Progress.)
  • .NET CI for RISC-V: Enabled (All Test Passed)
  • RISC-V Crossgen (AOT compiler) support: (In Progress.)
    • Working version: 2024-3Q
      • Issue: TOO SLOW!
    • Optimized version: 2025
  • .NET Milestone for RISC-V: Version 8.
  • RVV Support!!

Longer Term Goals

  • Maintain Linux RV64 .NET support at the level of its Linux aarch64/armv7 support.

Not in Scope

  • Non-Linux systems.


- CI Unit Test Passed! (2024.1.)
- Tizen .NET TCT Test Passed. (2024.4.)
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