There is today a functional port of the Go Runtime on RISC-V. However, in order to guarantee the stability of Go on RISC-V, we want to make sure that Go is regularly built and tested on RISC-V, and even preferably as part of the official build and CI system of Go.

Project Scope and Timelines

Work with Google to setup and maintain RISC-V build farm in Go.

Components and Repos


Stakeholders and Partners

Ludovic Henry Yunhai Shang/Yunhai Shang 



Measure of Success

A sufficient build farm is provided to farmer.golang.org.

RISE Requirements

Build farm

Status Updates




Upstream version


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  1. I think this is a good place to start, but you definitely need to dig into what a "sufficient build farm" means. How many nodes to need? What kind of a software environment do you require?

    RISE doesn't provide a "build farm" by itself, so as a RISE Requirement that's not actionable. But there is a project getting spun up in the Kernel and Virtualization WG to fund a build farm...and at the last TSC meeting we pointed out that such a build farm would have wide uses across all WGs.