Java SE 17 is the most recent LTS which should used for any new development. It provides significant increased stability and performance improvements.

There will be a large user base on this version for many years to come.

It's a must have to be able to run Java on RISC-V.

Project Scope and Timelines

The port is under review. It's expected to get integrated in the coming week.

It is however lacking lots of testing. Some of that testing is planned to be provided by Adoptium, given access to enough RISC-V machines.

Components and Repos

Under review change-set:

Stakeholders and Partners

Robbin Ehn Ludovic Henry 


To be able to comfortably ship this release to customer a lot more testing is needed.

How fast this can be achieved depends on how much infrastructure is available.

Measure of Success

The port is integrated and tested.

RISE Requirements

A lot of infrastructure (read hardware).

Status Updates

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Upstream version

Ludovic Henry 

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  1. What is a "a lot of infrastructure". How many nodes to need? What kind of a software environment do you require?

    RISE doesn't provide a "build farm" by itself, so as a RISE Requirement that's not actionable. But there is a project getting spun up in the Kernel and Virtualization WG to fund a build farm...and at the last TSC meeting we pointed out that such a build farm would have wide uses across all WGs.