Backport hasn't started yet in that repo.


Java SE 11 is the most deployed version with around 50% of market share.

While 8 is still in second place but declining and 17 is growing fast.

Supporting the most deployed version of Java is important.

Project Scope and Timelines

If there is no large architecture dependent changes the actual coding and merging work is probably a handful weeks. Work is being done internally at Alibaba/T-Head at the moment. It will be upstreamed at

The testing required to make sure no tiny details was missed is significant and depends very much on proper infrastructure.

Components and Repos

Would most likely be best to backport from 17, with this change-set:

Stakeholders and Partners


The 17 port should be integrated first.

Measure of Success

Risc-v port integrated into 11u.

RISE Requirements

A lot of infrastructure (read hardware).

Status Updates

Add key updates here, using heading 2 with the update date as the title.


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  1. What is a "a lot of infrastructure". How many nodes to need? What kind of a software environment do you require?

    RISE doesn't provide a "build farm" by itself, so as a RISE Requirement that's not actionable. But there is a project getting spun up in the Kernel and Virtualization WG to fund a build farm...and at the last TSC meeting we pointed out that such a build farm would have wide uses across all WGs.