• Bookworm releasing without RISC-V support, but it was close.
    • riscv64
    • =======
    • Although it's not yet in the official architecture list, the riscv64 port
    • is making good progress. We expect to be in a position to ship trixie with
    • riscv64 support (subject to architecture qualification later in the cycle).
  • Now may be a good time to invest in Debian so Trixie (2 years out from 2023) supports RISC-V.
  • Project could use hardware and attention to build failures.
    • Rivos experience with Fedora shows that many packages will need small fixes to build. This needs attention, but is overall tractable.

Debian Announces RISC-V as official architecture, begins building packages.


Build Status: https://buildd.debian.org/ (RISC-V)

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